Our mission is to supply oil & gas and energy sector with quality product at competitive prices.

Milanip is a sister company of Milan group of companies active in various industries and has originally been established as a trade company to supply oil and gas industry with high quality equipment and services.


Having access to diversified supply chain around the world, Milanip secures on-time delivery of a complete range of high quality equipment for oil and gas projects and operational fields at competitive prices. 

Our dedicated staff is made up of professionals with extensive experience and expertise in handling and executing all aspects of supplies with courteous services.


MIP Established in 2015 to supply oil & gas and energy industry with high quality equipment and services.

West established in 2008 to supply IT hardware to the industry. Oil & gas companies have been the main market for West.

Batis Idea processing established in 2005 to develop ERP (enterprise Resource Planning) system for heavy industry such as car making and oil and energy.

Milan Information technology established in 2000 to develop highly secure software solutions for oil and gas industry. Currently more than 90 percent of the active companies in oil and gas industry of the country are clients of MIT.

Tahriran established in 1981 to design and manufacture technical drawing tools. Tahriran also manufactures Factice which is an important additive in rubber industries.