Management, Advisory and Contracting services including;

Studies and analysis of market possibilities 

Supplier registration in databases operated by Petroleum Ministries

Evaluate and suggest Projects to bid or quote for

Manage or assist in the tendering process

Find and evaluate potential local suppliers for partnering or JV

IDD and background analysis

Landax is a norwegian based IKT company with a number of QHSE related modules under their main Landax umbrella application.

Landax has developed a number of tools for assissting business enterprises in the various areas such as: 

Occupational safety and health

Documentation and Risk analysis

Providing technical services to the Oil & Gas industry:

Drilling Operations Management

Drilling Engineering

Geophysics Operations Management

Master Development Plan Preparation

Geological Services

Analytical Services

Data Processing, Digitizing, and GIS

Health, Safety and Environment ( HS&E ) Services

CodeIT is a norwegian based IKT company with two main applications.  CodeIT Enteprise is a software for labelling and coding of all types of products in any production factory environment.  CodeIT eMRB is a software for digitalisation of production documentaion in all phases of a production line.application.

Kong Arthur is a norwegian based IKT company which developed applications like Info Hub

BOOS IT is a Norwegian based ICT company developing  the applications for Oil & Gas industry specially for Norwegian Continental Shelf.

MIP, SALI and BOOS have an agreement to market, sell and maintain their applications for the MENA  Oil & Gas markets.